PUMP WILL NOT STARTDisconnect switch openClose disconnect switch
Fuses blown or thermal overload openReplace fuses or close thermal overload
Locked shaft, impeller set incorrectlyAdjust impeller
Motor windings burned outReplace motor windings
Defective starting switch inside motorReplace switch
Disconnected or defective wiringRepair wiring
PUMP WILL NOT PRIMENo Water in the pump or strainer basketIf you’ve just refilled the pool into the skimmer baskets be sure to bleed all the air out of the plumbing system.
Make sure hair & lint basket is empty of debris
Lubricate and tighten strainer/lid O-ring
Check that all valves are open.
Damaged PumpDoes the pump sound normal? If it just hums for a few seconds then shuts down, this is an indication of a frozen motor.
Check for debris clogging the impeller.
Be sure the impeller hasn’t broken.
LOW FLOW & LOW FILTER PRESSURELevel of water in pool is too low.Add water to pool so that it is into skimmer baskets.
Pump basket or skimmer basket is cloggedClean if necessary
Air leak in suction lineThis can be determined by the recurrence of air in the filter. The leak must be found and repaired. The common cause of this problem is a loose pipe at the pump inlet.
Clogged or damaged impellerInspect the impeller and clean or repair as necessary.
Valves are closedCheck and open valves.
LOW FLOW & HIGH FILTER PRESSUREDirty filter.Backwash filter or clean filter cartridge.
Valves are closedCheck and open valves.
Jets are clogged.Inspect and clean (debris clogging the jets is frequently debris from another part that has deteriorated or broke).
MOTOR CYCLES ON AND OFFMotor is overheatingCheck ventilation around pump. Pump may have lost prime. Or impeller may be rubbing inside case (adjust impeller)
Improper voltageCheck for proper voltage at the motor.
Wiring to motor is undersizedDetermine and correct.
Impeller rubbing inside caseAdjust impeller
Faulty or incorrect electrical connectionsRepair as necessary
PUMP DOES NOT OPERATEDamaged motorDoes the pump sound normal? If it just hums for a few seconds then shuts down, this is an indication of a frozen motor or debris possibly jamming the impeller.
Power switch is OFFBe sure all circuit breakers, GFCI’s and switches are on.
Check for power at the motor and trace wires back till the problem is found.
WATER IS LEAKING AROUND THE PUMP AREADamaged/worn o-rings, pump housing, shaft seal or loosened plumbing fittingsDetermine exact location and cause of leak and repair as necessary.
PUMP HAS BECOME EXCESSIVELY NOISYLow or no water flowDetermine and correct.
Bad bearings caused by normal wear or a leaking shaft sealReplace shaft seal and bearings (it may be better or more economical to replace the whole motor rather than just the bearings).
Plugged screens in skimmer or pump basketClean skimmer baskets and hair and lint basket.
Suction line partially pluggedUnplug line
AIR IN POOL RETURNLeakage of air into suction lineTighten connections or valve stem
Hair and lint strainer cover not tightTighten cover
Restriction in suction line
Low water level in poolRaise water level
Air leak around manifold in suction lineFind leak and repair


No heat at allTripped hi-limit switch.Locate and reset.
Open doors on heater cabinet.Close the doors.
Pilot light went out (gas heaters)Relight pilot as per owners manual.
Pump isn’t pumping any or enough water.Determine pump problem and repair.
Heater cycling on and off continuously.Dirty filter.Backwash filter or clean filter cartridge.
Low water level in pool.Raise water level.
Takes a long time to heat pool.Dirty filterBackwash filter or clean cartridge.
Daily filtration and heating cycle not running long enough.Reset time clock.
Damaged insulating cover.Repair or replace.
Bad thermostat.Replace if necessary.
Hi-limit switch turning off the heater prematurely.Replace if necessary.
Pilot goes out.Weak pilot generatorReplace pilot generator assembly.
Restricted pilot.Clean pilot.
Outer jacket very hot (gas Heaters)Sooting of heat exchangerDetermine cause of sooting, clean and correct (the most common reason for this is too much water flowing through the heater caused by either too large a pump or internal heater parts damaged)
Improper ventingFollow recommended installation instructions.
Insects or debris clogging burner intake ports.Clean burners.
Leaking at heaterImproper water chemistryDetermine exact location and cause of leak, replace damaged parts and maintain proper water chemistry.
Harmonics, whining or banging noiseDebris or restriction in systemLocate the restriction and remove.
Low flowDetermine filter/pump type problem and repair.

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