Pinto Stock IDPool SizeCover SizeShapeAnchorsPinto Price (includes standard hardware)Pinto Price with Wood Deck AnchorsShipping
LLM8X88 x 810 x 10Rectangle12PRICES SO LOW WE CAN’T PRINT THEM!!!! CALL 631-878-0523 or Email: FOR YOUR SUPER CHEAP DEAL!!!!
LLM10X1010 x 1012 x 12Rectangle16
LLM10X2010 x 2012 x 22Rectangle18
LLM12X1212 x 1214 x 14Rectangle16
LLM12X2412 x 2414 x 26Rectangle22
LLM12X2712 x 2714 x 29Rectangle22
LLM12X2812 x 2814 x 30Rectangle22
LLM12X3212 x 3214 x 34Rectangle24
LLM14X2814 x 2816 x 30Rectangle22
LLM14X3014 x 3016 x 32Rectangle24
LLM14X3214 x 3216 x 34Rectangle24
LLM15X3015 x 3017 x 32Rectangle24
LLM15X3215 x 3217 x 34Rectangle24
LLM15X3415 x 3417 x 36Rectangle24
LLM16X2416 x 2418 x 26Rectangle22
LLM16X3016 x 3018 x 32Rectangle24
LLM16X3216 x 3218 x 34Rectangle24
LLM16X3416 x 3418 x 36Rectangle24
LLM16X3616 x 3618 x 38Rectangle26
LLM16X3816 x 3818 x 40Rectangle26
LLM16X4016 x 4018 x 42Rectangle26
LLM16X5016 x 5018 x 52Rectangle32
LLM17X3417 x 3419 x 36Rectangle26
LLM18X3218 x 3220 x 34Rectangle26
LLM18X3418 x 3420 x 36Rectangle26
LLM18X3618 x 3620 x 38Rectangle28
LLM18X3818 x 3820 x 40Rectangle28
LLM18X4018 x 4020 x 42Rectangle28
LLM18X4218 x 4220 x 44Rectangle30
LLM18X4418 x 4420 x 46Rectangle30
LLM18X4518 x 4520 x 47Rectangle30
LLM18X5018 x 5020 x 52Rectangle32
LLM20X2020 x 2022 x 22Rectangle24
LLM20X3620 x 3622 x 38Rectangle28
LLM20X3820 x 3822 x 40Rectangle28
LLM20X4020 x 4022 x 42Rectangle28
LLM20X4120 x 4122 x 43Rectangle30
LLM20X4220 x 4222 x 44Rectangle30
LLM20X4420 x 4422 x 46Rectangle30
LLM20X4520 x 4522 x 47Rectangle30
LLM20X4620 x 4622 x 48Rectangle32
LLM20X5020 x 5022 x 52Rectangle32
LLM20X5120 x 5122 x 53Rectangle34
LLM20X6020 x 6023 x 63Rectangle38
LLM21X4121 x 4123 x 43Rectangle30
LLM22X4422 x 4424 x 46Rectangle30
LLM24X4024 x 4026 x 42Rectangle30
LLM24X4824 x 4826-6 x 50-6Rectangle34
LLM24X5024 x 5026-6 x 52-6Rectangle34
LLM25X4525 x 4527-6 x 47-6Rectangle32
LLM25X5025 x 5027-6 x 52-6Rectangle34
LLM30X5030 x 5033 x 53Rectangle36
LLM30X6030 x 6033 x 63Rectangle40
3 Feet of Decking around the pool is required for anchor installation.
Covers with Standard Hardware include the Storage Bag, Standard Brass Anchors, Stainless Steel Springs with vinyl covers, Metal Installation Tool and Instructions.
Cover prices include FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.
All covers listed are green.
The Standard Brass anchors are used in brick or concrete decking around pool.
If you have wood decking order cover with the WOOD DECK anchors.
Returns: All unopened covers in original unopened packaging may be returned within 30 days for a 15% restocking fee.