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How to Backwash a Sand Filter

Backwashing a sand filter is very similar to backwashing a Hayward Pro-Grid D.E. filter except there is no replacement of D.E. or sand afterward. The sand should be replaced about once every 5 years. After 5 years, the sand loses its filtration efficiency and the filter cycle must run even longer to get the same effect.

1. Turn off the pump from the circuit breaker Or timer box.
2.Open up the waste valve and or roll out the waist line
3.Push down and turn the multi port to the backwash position. Turn the pump back on and watch the eyeglass as the dirty water passes through. Leave it running on backwash for two minutes.
4. Turn the pump off again, move the multiport to the rinse position and turn the pump back on. Leave it running on rinse for one minute.
5. Repeat steps three and four until eyeglass is showing clean water running through it while on backwash.
6. Shut off the pump once again, turn the multiport to the filter position and turn the system back on.